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Best Life Ever

Carmen Kollmann - Life & Leadership Coach

Understanding your specific needs  is what I love doing. My goal is to help you find your Inner Spark and to lead your best life ever. This can be through my workshops, training or through 1 on 1 consultation on any topic that you want to work on. Check out what I have to offer and get in touch by booking one of my offers or just simply email or call me.

Best Life Services


Best Life Ever

Leadership Coaching

Helping you is my number one focus. My approach is always based on your needs & wishes to live your best life ever. In my practice we can discuss any topic that you would like to work on.


Your employer might be able to support you financially in case you need coaching.

Book a free introductory meeting/call to discuss how I can help you.

Best Life Ever Workshops

  • Goal Setting 

  • Finding your True Potential

  • All my workshops are aimed to inspire & help you embrace your Inner Spark! 

  • All workshops are also suitable in company.

My Story

Growing up in Australia and now living in Amsterdam (the Netherlands) enriched my life in so many ways. I love  international and cultural diversity and love helping my clients in this environment to achieve results!  

Coming from a corporate back ground as a business consultant I have always been coaching and helping leaders/teams to feel happier, more effective and productive. So it's no surprise t I just simply love to help you to embrace your inner Spark and to live your Best Life Ever!

Do you want to solve a problem you've been struggling with and get sustainable resultes? Contact me and I'll be happy to discuss how we can work together during  a free consultation in my practice/skype.

To ensure the quality & integrity of my services I am a member of the CAT & CTAA Associations. 


At Healthy Inner You, I know what exceptional customer services means, and I go the extra mile to make sure my clients reach their goals. For many years, I’ve helped my clients transform their lives thanks to my consulting services, and I’m so proud to see them on the path toward happiness. See what my satisfied clients are saying and get in touch with me today.

"Nice workshop that helps you make contact with your real goals in an inspiring, different way!"


"Very interesting goal setting workshop where I learnt new ways to connect with myself and my goals. It was practical and creative by making a vision board."


I wanted to establish healthier eating habits and create a permanent change in my lifestyle in order to maintain  (or even loose)  weight and support me during menopause.

With her orthomolecular background, Carmen was able to identify the problem areas and put together a plan including mindset, movement and meal planning. Detoxing was an important part of the journey and it was surprisingly easy to follow through as Carmen created a plan taking my personal situation, health condition and body type into account. Carmen is knowledgeable, empathic and clear in her communications and seamlessly combines all her knowledge to support her clients. It was a great and fun experience with many health rewards and lead to joined business activities as well. Thank you so much, Carmen!



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