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Best Organisational Change

In an ever changing economy,  rapid product & service development and implementation, competition, regulations, client needs, growth strategies, etc. organisations need their management and  teams to be agile, healthy, happy, productive, strong communicators, team players, leaders and be representatives of your organisation. 

Organisational Change is the only constant in our ever changing world. It is a continuous process and can add so much value to your organisation. This could be in the field of your organisation's strategy, structure, processes,  culture, the way you communicate internally/ externally, core values, IT implementation, awareness, etc.  


  • Assessment Need for Change

  • Change/Culture/Communication Program

  • Tailored Workshops

  • Team/Leadership Coaching 

Best Leadership Coaching 

In the Leadership Coaching program we focus on  your strengths and limiting beliefs and how to make the necessary changes to reach your best personal and business results.  Leadership Coaching is all about your personal growth, development and happiness in your professional and private life.


  • Intake: determine current & desired situation

  • Methods/tools:

    • Cognitive behavioural change

    • Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

    • Mindset change - meditation

  • Duration: dependent on your specific goals on average between 5-10 sessions of approximately 1 hour. 

At Healthy Inner You, I know what exceptional customer services means, and I go the extra mile to make sure my clients reach their goals. For many years, I’ve helped my clients transform their organisation/employees thanks to my consulting and coaching services. I’m so proud to see them on the path toward reaching their goals and feeling happier. See what my satisfied clients are saying. I would be happy to help your organisation too!

Carmen facilitated an Organisational Change Culture Workshop for Campus Fryslân in June 2019.

"It was gratifying to work with Carmen on developing a targeted workshop for our organisation. She was able to incorporate our specific needs and facilitated the workshop in such a way that everyone was engaged throughout."

Dr. Indira S.E. van der Zande - Programme Director University College Fryslân

Carmen facilitated a lifestyle boost camp during the celebration of international women’s day at Network Women FNV with enthusiasm and passion. Due to her solid preparation and good content of the workshop she gave the attendees a lot of information, practical tips and inspiration about a healthy lifestyle in a short time.

Virna Ten Jet Foei (Project leader Women’s day celebration FNV 2018)

Lecture "Kids & Healthy Food" for Parents in corporation with pedagogical employees.

We have experienced this evening as extremely valuable. The preparation meetings were also very pleasurable. Carmen assists with her ideas to create a tailored program. Parents and pedagogical employees were engaged in an inter active manner. There was room for questions, own ideas and advice.

Location Manager KinderRijk (2018)

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